Hood gas springs for Mazda6 (2015 3rd gen facelift)

After I got used to hood gas springs on BMW, there was no going back. Did some searching and found an ideal fit.

There was another one from a company called MV-tuning, but that one consists of only one big gas spring and I didn’t really like it’s suggested place under the hood, plus the price, even though it looks cheap. /rolleyes

So I ordered from other guys, kit part number is MAZ615-02Y, you can try googling it. Shipping will probably cost more than the kit itself.

Their kit has two springs, much like on my BMW and unlike the MV-tuning one, it provides equal weight distribution, cuz the hood cover is actually quite heavy… or at least it comforts me to think that way.

Before the install:


Springs are held through a clever use of two holes on both sides of the hood, kit provides you with two metal plates with a nut welded on them, which you place into those holes, then another two pieces of metal that you need to screw onto them, but beware of the poor quality – I had to do some manual polishing of the rough edges in order for the screw to fit in one of those things:

Various parts and their places:



Unlike the complex setup for the top, bottom is held in place by a really simple construction:

I like how it looks, no more searching for that damned hole (you know, the one that the hood-holding stick goes in). Very functional upgrade.