New Zealand, Auckland. Early morning on the ferry terminal ©

Not much content here yet, but in due time I hope to fill it with all sorts of things. Guess I’ll make a little introduction… Just sitting here and writing this post brings back memories. I started with the Internet in the late 90s and back then the word “blog” didn’t exist, but many people had “homepages”. No Facebook, Twitter, even no LiveJournal – it all came later and was pretty much based (and still is) on the whole “homepage” idea. I had my main homepage on along with a very nice email address that they later took from me, after being consumed by Yahoo!, but those were the days… no CMS to hold your hand, no real web editors or other fancy stuff, we coded in notepad.exe in pure HTML. Time of chatrooms, guestbooks and Windows95.

Another thing you might not want to know about me, but I’m telling anyway – I play PC games, casually mostly, but I had my share of “great deeds” in some of them, like getting the Grand Marshall title on my warrior in vanilla World of Warcraft. So, I’m going to write about games and my exploits there from time to time.

Some people also consider me an artist, but I’m not. I like to draw when I’m in the right mood, for me it’s just an output stream for my emotions, I don’t draw when I don’t have such need. Most of the time I just shoot stuff with my phone or camera.

Other thing – I’m a computer guy that people ask to fix their stuff, a misused programmer, I also freelance from time to time and do other jobs, but I don’t want to make this site my CV/business card or
w/e, at the end of the day it’s just a site with my nickname on it and I like it this way.